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Apartment Agriculture

Grow, sprout, propagate, preserve, and compost!


With food (usually soil), water and light (natural or hydroponics), you too can grow indoors!

• SFS's Apartment Agriculture Workshop (coming soon)

Eat Right Ontario's guide to an indoor herb garden

Kawartha Hydroponics website


Sprouting your own seeds is easy, fresh, and inexpensive!

• SFS's Apartment Agriculture Workshop (coming soon)

Sprout People's "gateway to sprout knowledge"


Propagating allows you to get new plants from plants you already have.

• SFS's Apartment Agriculture Workshop (coming soon)

How To guide "for dummies"

How To video for propagating plants from cuttings


Make your food last longer through techniques such as canning, freezing, or drying 

How To guide "for dummies"


Did you know you can compost year-round, indoors? With a few tricks and tips, you're on your way to reducing kitchen scraps and producing new soil.

Toronto Green's guide to indoor vermicomposting

• Frost Campus vermicomposting system in the Header House

• SFS's ongoing experiments (visit their office to learn more)